The Selig mystery house, preserved exactly as it was in March 2016, the night the family broke time and space to rescue a child. A hotbed of creative chaos, whatever strange science transpired here created everything in the exhibition. The House features the rooms of individual family members, who speak to guests via a discoverable story told through letters, home movies, photographs, codes, journals, and forbidden science experiments. Secret passages abound, including bookshelves, closets, dryers, and refrigerators that open up into anomalous vistas of creation. If you see any strange hamsters on your visit, remain calm. It is only Nimsesku.

Creative Leads

  • Chadney Everett
    Art Direction, House Facade Design, Furnishings & Prop Design, Painting & Faux Finishing
  • Justin Di Ianni
    Facade Digital Design & Fabrication
  • Matt King
    House Design, Wood Flooring, Fridge Cutting & Gutting, Aquarium

Creative Contributors