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This supernatural Forest is home to strange woodland creatures, trees with musical mushrooms, winding canopy walkways and homes nestled high in the branches of elder trees. A magical Raven gives advice to guests relaxing in secret nooks. A living room has been reclaimed by Nature.

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The Forest Contributors

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You're on an anchor page within the House of Eternal Return Exhibition. The list below includes those who performed work that occurred across the The Forest Anchor Space as a whole. To see additional credits for the The Forest Anchor Space, click the Projects tab. To see a really big list of every single contributor to House of Eternal Return Exhibition, inclusive of all Anchor Space and Project contributions, click here.

Creative Leads

  • Amy Westphal
    Welding Lead, Bridges, Grass Slug Design & Fabrication
  • Caity Kennedy
    Lead Artist, Art Direction, Forest Concept & Design, Canopy Design & Fabrication, Forest Wall Design, Bridge Design, Vine & Orb Design & Installation, Fabrication & Installation, Carpentry
  • Oliver Polzin
    Forest Floor Lead Artist & Fabricator, Upgrades Floor Design & Installation, Cardboard Rocks
  • Sandra Wang
    General Fabrication & Painting, Railing Sculpting, Plant Fabrication & Installation, Forest Floor Support, Upgrades Floor Installation
  • Tuscany Wenger
    Sculpting Support

Creative Contributors

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