Wylla Skye

Wylla Skye

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station, Omega Mart & House of Eternal Return


Wylla Skye has been imagining worlds and making strange things since she was a kid. Arts education and exploration were encouraged in her childhood household, and creativity was acknowledged as a human right. She grew up next to a glorious mountain river, on the edge of the national forest in Vermont, where play, exploration, nature and natural systems were her earliest sources of inspiration.

Wylla went on to study studio art and theater at the University of Vermont, where she discovered an affinity for sculpting and ceramics. She came to appreciate the way clay can not be fully controlled, but must be approached collaboratively as something with a life and a vision of its own. Wylla has considered herself more of a process artist than purely “visual” artist, believing that the process of how something is made has equal importance as the aesthetic result, and can be felt in the finished piece.

In 2015 she moved to Santa Fe on a whim, in perfect timing to join forces with the Meow Wolf crew during the build of the House of Eternal Etern. The playful, collaborative, and community approaches to Meow Wolf art making had immediate resonance for the way Wylla wanted to work and she has been with the company ever since. Wylla is currently exploring an interest in more sustainable materials and art making processes, and incorporating them into her work moving forward.

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