The Frosting layer is one of the last phases of the install timeline in a Meow Wolf exhibition. Frosting is onsite, it can be planned and unplanned additions to Meow Wolf exhibits executed by a mix of local artists and our long-standing team of Meow Wolf artists based in Santa Fe. Primarily guided by the Creative Direction team, the frosting process leaves room for the artists and fabricators executing the work to make decisions and improvise. Frosting is one of the key things Meow Wolf does that sets our work apart from traditional attractions and location-based experiences. Most artists have a creative process where they listen, observe, and adapt to the artwork as it’s being created, what we call a discovery methodology. The Frosting process allows us to empower our artists with a discovery methodology to bring the work to completion. We believe that the last hands touching a Meow Wolf exhibition should be that of the artist.

Exhibition Frosting Contributors

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