Chadney Everett

Chadney Everett

Worked on House of Eternal Return, Omega Mart & Convergence Station


Chadney joined Meow Wolf in the spring of 2015 for the creation of House of Eternal Return, where he was the Lead Designer on the House, as well as a developer on the Narrative Team. Following the Santa Fe exhibit, he had the role of Senior Creative Director for Meow Wolf's Denver exhibit, Convergence Station, where he supported the artistic visions of over 300 Meow Wolf and Colorado creatives. Chadney has worked in a wide variety of artistic fields, such as fine art painter, a produced playwright, a theatrical set designer, and in the art department for Film and Television.

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House of Eternal Return

Project Management & Directorship, Screenwriter, Content Production Designer

Chadney Art Directed the House anchor space, where he led and executed many of the facade and interior design elements, the paint and overall aging, as well as decorating.


Chadney assisted Creative Director, Emily Montoya, in leading the product design process for Omega Mart. Several of his products are proudly stocked on the shelves.


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Convergence Station

Senior Creative Director

Chadney was the Senior Creative Director of Convergence Station, as well as Creative Director of C Street. There were countless responsibilities that came with the role, but the most meaningful to him was being empowered to support and promote the over 300 Meow Wolf and Coloradan artists that worked on the project.


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