Sarah Bradley

Sarah Bradley

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station, Omega Mart & House of Eternal Return


Sarah Bradley is a writer, artist and Creative Director at Meow Wolf. Bradley first collaborated with Meow Wolf in the D.I.Y. days, designing and building costume for the play The Moon Is To Live On. Over her many years with Meow Wolf, she has worked as a sculptor, costumer, writer and editor, designer of characters and spaces, audio producer and voice actor, as well as a host of the Meow Wolf podcast Too Sick. Most recently, Bradley is focused on narrative development and how story inhabits the worlds that Meow Wolf builds.

The Real Unreal Logo

The Real Unreal

Senior Creative Director


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Convergence Station

Creative Director


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Omega Mart

Creative Director, Exhibition Content

In addition to acting as Creative Director on the Gas Station and Rose & Marin's Dwelling, Bradley worked as a producer, editor and voice actor for various audio projects, including Seven Monolith Community Radio, announcements and take-overs and the VOCS telephone system.


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House of Eternal Return

Artist, Art Team Task Force, Costumer Designer, Set Costumer


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