Taylor Hedum

Taylor Hedum

Worked on The Real Unreal, Convergence Station & Omega Mart


Taylor Hedum is a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, with a concentration in Experimental Art and Technology. He works with sensors, circuitry, and computer programming to create immersive, interactive experiences. His thesis work integrated kinetic sculptures that reflect light to produce large-scale projections. Taylor aims to create artworks that set a tempo, to encourage the audience to slow down with the artwork – to engage and immerse.  
Currently, Taylor resides in Denver, CO, as a part of the Tech Maintenance team. While having worked with Meow Wolf off-and-on since 2019, he has exposure working closely with many other departments in Meow Wolf's Inc and LLC. Taylor and the tech team strive to upkeep and improve on the projects of the Convergence Station, to make the exhibition's experience more fun for coworkers and travelers alike.

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