Emmanuelle John

Emmanuelle John

Worked on House of Eternal Return, Omega Mart & Convergence Station


I first became involved with Meow Wolf as a volunteer for the House of Eternal Return after my mind was blown from seeing The Due Return at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Santa Fe. I began by building stalagmites for the Cave in our Santa Fe location. I added all kinds of protruding shapes to the stalagmites and learned about making them interactive by adding a layer of tin foil under the sculpting medium. I felt deeply inspired and ended up being a cave worker for almost a year, spreading scratch and cement to form the cave interior. Following the opening of the House of Eternal Return in 2015, I joined our local 480 Film Union as a Set Painter on a small crew. I worked on movies and tv shows for a couple of years before circling back to Meow Wolf in 2017. I was hired as an Artist on the Art Team and have been here ever since. Five years later, my passion for creation has been ignited on many new levels. I've been experimenting and learning about a huge range of materials for large scale installation and sculpture, nurturing wild ideas that I now have the tools and support to bring to life, and building a lasting community with friends and coworkers.

My inspirations/obsessions are with microscopic life, mold and fungus, deep sea life and outer space. I love investigating textures and organic forms, especially through a wide variety of textile materials and trash.

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House of Eternal Return

Production Assistant

This was my first exposure to collective world-building! I got so much hands on experience and began what would become lasting friendships.


I loved making a few of the meat items for the Deli in Omega Mart. I had a great time making clear terrines made of resin and chunks of various kinds of silicone that looked like ham, peas, corn, and other mysterious 50's style gelatin foods. I also made the butter lettuce heads full of tentacles protecting pearls. It was a blast.


The epitome of my experience at Meow Wolf was working on the Frog Egg Garden as Lead Artist. I'm honored I got to participate in the creation of the incredible Cosmohedron. It was a beautiful example of collaborative development and invention. I was partly in my own personal dreamworld; sewing bubble-wrap tentacles, attaching fishing lures to blue foam, needle felting pink wool, pouring resin benches full of fake grapes and succulents, and designing interior vacuum formed panels with cut felt imprints of organic forms. I'm so into the mothership sci fi vibes- its an ode to nature and her ultimate power. I felt trusted and supported in my role and I'm still blown away by the level of care and detail that tech, interactive, lighting, fabrication, art, CAD, and so many other teams and people contributed to!!


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