Charlotte Thurman

Charlotte Thurman

Worked on House of Eternal Return, Omega Mart & Convergence Station


Charlotte Thurman is an interdisciplinary artist, whose practice bridges multi-media and immersive installation. Originally from North Carolina, Charlotte received her BFA in Mixed Media from the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2009, and her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Delaware in 2016. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries such as Takt: kunstraum tapir in Berlin, Germany, the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe, NM, and the Ice Box Project Space at Crane Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Using ephemeral and time-based processes, the artist wades through fragmentary personal histories to transcribe what is familiar and what is forgotten along the arrow of time. The work takes an anthropological approach to a shifting and fluctuating landscape, inspired by her psychosomatic experiences of lucid dreaming and dream recording.

As an internal Meow Wolf artist since 2016, Charlotte's work has included character and musical performances for the "House of Halloween" and "Summer in the Multiverse," concert stage design and fabrication for the Taos Vortex Festivals, creating video content across multiple exhibitions, and building large scale sculpture and casting projects integrating light, projection, tech, and sound. She is interested in pushing the material properties of transparent substrates with light and abstracted form in order to create an ephemeral experience within a space's permanent construction.

Charlotte spends her free time writing and making zines for her co-curated feminist art zine "Life Raft," designing laser-cut acrylic jewelry for her local co-owned business "Hunny Bunny," engaging in processes she calls "archiving for no-one," and supporting the DIY arts, music, and zine scenes in Santa Fe as much as possible.

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