Geoffrey Banzhof

Geoffrey Banzhof

Worked on House of Eternal Return, Omega Mart & Convergence Station


Geoff Banzhof is a Senior Fabricator at Meow Wolf and is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Geoff has a BS from Northern Arizona University in Environmental Sciences and Biology and spent 8 years conducting ecological surveys throughout the southwestern United States (AZ, NM, and CO, which included three years in the Grand Canyon). He is a multifaceted artist who is inspired by the intersection of structures and patterns of nature, and the absurdities of the modern human experience. Specifically, he is skilled in repurposing and reimagining materials in a variety of mediums, starting nearly twenty years ago at Don Adams’ Metal Studio in Nashville, TN (2003). For the past six years he has created steel artwork as a senior fabricator with Meow Wolf, where he played a crucial role in fabricating many elements of the Santa Fe House of Eternal Return and contributed to Omega Mart and Denver's Convergence Station. Geoff’s artwork has been shown locally at Offroad Productions in Santa Fe, NM. He is a certified structural welder and is also a member of the Santa Fe art collective, The Squirrels.

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House of Eternal Return

Exhibition Hand Railing Salvage & Fabrication, Mover of Large & Small Stuff, Metalwork, Welding, Fabrication


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Omega Mart

Production Fabricator, Exhibition Content

For the Omega Mart Exhibition, Geoff worked on the Factory Control Panels, the Hanging Chain Sculpture (AKA Birth of Twin Worm Holes), and the Population Signs. In addition, he provided support for Whale Hearts and Canmel. Geoff also spent three months on-site in Vegas during installation.



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